The Madness of Queen Maeve

Mebd, legendary queen of Connact. Dubbed a villain by history, she wields the ancient power of the mother-led tribes of Ireland. Saint Brigid, the Bright One, healer and bringer of spring. Thus comes this tale of Maeve and Briede, two women made divine by the tongues of bards and the quills of monks.

The healer Breide languishes in her mother’s house until she is sent to serve the mysterious ruler of Cruachan— the by the richness of the queen’s raucous hall, a violet growing in the shade of wild roses. Maeve hunts beside her strapping war-duke and carouses with her bawdy housewomen, deliberates with druids, wanders wild across the meads and primeval forests of Ériu. A gifted Seer, the queen artfully defies her enemies, even the brutal warlord Conchobar, who would bring an end to the mother-rule of the western tribes. 

Yet Maeve’s fiery foresight overlooks subtler dangers. As the seasons turn, Breide’s patient gaze foresees a greater peril, an ancient force rising within Maeve herself. The queen’s madness takes her to the feet of Ireland’s first and greatest power, a queen much older than she. To save their people, Maeve must make a choice, and Breide must draw her back to this world.

All stories begin with the land— Ériu, our island of fog and soft grass. See the cattle that graze her body. They are small and black and their milk is abundant. It is our very life. 

When the ancestors came across the sea long ago, the gods blessed them and their herds grew. The clans multiplied as the milk flowed, sweet with cream. If you listen carefully in the hollows and dells, you can still hear the ancestors singing. They live forever beneath the earth. 

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