Letter from my 90-year old self

Some Tuesday morning perspective:

Dear, Dear One,

This life is too short to spend one more minute of it fretting. Trust me— who knows how many more sunrises I (you) will see? Let go. You can’t control the future. The things you think are worth worrying about are just heartbeats, dust, nothing. Eternity is ours, but this short time as a crazy being embodied in blood and bone on this spinning rock is something precious. 

Love is beautiful and not as hard a you think. Relax and let people be who they are—they will anyway! You will only regret any time you spend trying to force your will on, well, anything.

Do not worry about working your life away. Work is a blessing. It connects you to the wider world. In balance, it gives you a channel for your energies and gifts, and it even gives energy, gives life back when undertaken in the right spirit.

Embrace the chaos of living. Keep things simple. Never take this sweet strange existence for granted.

I love you.



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